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How Does Clock-In Validation Work?

Go to the Timekeeping menu → Timesheet Validation.

Anomalies can be of two types:

A time entry that does not reflect the initial shift time
Example: 7 hours of planned service > < 6:58 or 7:02
(Negative differences in green and positive differences in red) ​

A timekeeping anomaly. This is a time entry made when there was no shift scheduled.

If you only want to see timekeeping anomalies, you can select this option at the top right.

Timekeeping Processing:

Several options are available to you for processing these time entries:

You can link a free time entry to a shift by clicking on the icon with the small pin.

You can simply approve a time entry by clicking on the green check mark.

You can decline and delete a time entry by clicking on the red cross.

For a time entry made on a scheduled shift, you can choose to validate the time entry or use the shift hours by clicking on the icon with the double sheet.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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