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How to create an attribute?

Category Creation

You should start by creating categories in order to be able to create attributes within these categories.

Go to your account settings ⚙️ → Attributes → Manage attributes and create a category by clicking on the green New button.

There are 3 types of attribute categories. Depending on the chosen type, the available fields will differ. Indeed, the required information for a delivery vehicle will not be the same as for a location or a customer.

The three types are as follows:

​⚠️ CAUTION, in order to point to an attribute, it must be of type "Location".

Attribute Creation

Go to your account settings ⚙️ → Attributes → Attribute Management and click on the category where you would like to create attributes.

Then click on the green "Add" button to create new attributes.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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