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How to enable Dimona correction based on time tracking data?

We offer the possibility to automatically correct Dimona based on your employees' time tracking data.

This feature will only work for Dimona created manually from schedule management or via automatic Dimona.


To ensure it works, certain parameters must be enabled.

Go to your account settings → Dimona → Settings.

Enable the option "Modify Dimona based on time tracking".

Then go to the Team menu → Users → Profile → Settings.

Enable the option "Modify dimona based on clocking data".

Feature Specificities

Shyfter does not modify the start time of Dimona for Extra (EXT) & Flexi (FLX) statuses.
Shyfter sends the number of hours worked by user for students (STU).
Modifications are made 7 hours after the end time of the shift, giving account administrators time to adjust based on employee time tracking data if necessary.
Remember that even if they make changes, time tracking rules will still apply.
Time tracking rules will not apply to time entries created manually.

For free time entries, the provisional end time will be: The user's default working time/day;
Otherwise, the department's default working hours/days; Otherwise, 8 hours.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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