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POS - How do I allow my device to access the camera for the POS web application?

When you log into your POS application on the web, the following message may appear, preventing you from using the system:

Here are the steps to follow to resolve this issue:

The very first step is to determine if you have a camera on your computer.

⚠️ For all customers with an IPAD, the application is now available in the app store. There is no need to use the web browser on your IPAD anymore. 🤩

1️⃣ You do not have a camera:

You will need to disable the option to take photos in your settings.


Go to settings (⚙️) → account settings → Shyfter Applications → Shyfter POS 3 (time tracking tablet) → Automatically take a photo during clock in → ❌

Do not forget to save and refresh your page as well.

You will need to allow the application to use the camera.

The Google Chrome browser:

You need to click on the camera icon at the top right in the URL and select the permission.

If there is no icon, you will need to go into the Google Chrome settings by clicking on the 3 dots:

Go to the "Privacy and security" menu in the camera section or type in the search bar: "chrome://settings/content/camera".

The Safari browser:

By default, the browser will ask for permission. Click on "Allow".

⚠️ If you come across the old version of the application (V2), you need to clear the browser history. Do not forget to refresh the page!

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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