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Team Menu - Employee Management

Adding collaborators

When you are on the homepage, click on the "Team" icon depicting a person, located on the toolbar at the top left.

To add a new one, simply click on the "Create a user" button as shown below.

Finally, you just need to enter the personal data of your collaborators. Remember to save your changes before leaving the page, otherwise everything will be lost.

How to change an employee's personal information?

Go to the "Team" menu on the toolbar at the top left. Here you will find the list of all your employees.

Select the person whose information you want to modify. Go to "Profile". You will then be able to edit the information related to their profile. Once the changes have been made, do not forget to save them.

How to deactivate a user?

To delete a user, go to the "Team" menu.

Select the user you want to delete, go to "Profile" and click on the "Deactivate" icon.

How to change a PIN code?

To change a PIN code, you must go to the collaborator's file who wishes to change their code. Click on the "Team" menu and then select the user for whom you want to make the change.

Once in their user file, next to the PIN code, there is a pencil in a square. Click on it to modify.

A window will then appear. Click in the PIN code box to modify it or click on the circular arrow to automatically generate a new one. Finish by validating the modification.

How to give your employees access to Shyfter?

In order for your employees to have access to Shyfter, you need to send them a welcome email. To send this email, follow these steps:

Once on your account dashboard, click on the "Team" menu and select the collaborator for whom you want to grant access to Shyfter.

In the collaborator's file, click on the paper airplane icon "Send info" and the welcome email will be sent to your collaborator so they can log in to Shyfter.

The welcome email contains the following information: the email address provided by your employee, a temporary (modifiable) password, the PIN code (for tablet time tracking only), the platform URL, and a link to download our applications.

Where to find an employee's PIN code?

PIN codes are automatically assigned to each of your collaborators when they receive the welcome email. A PIN code consists of 4 digits and is linked to each employee.

Your collaborators received their personal PIN code by email when they were added to your account.

If one of your employees has lost, or no longer remembers their PIN code, you can retrieve it from their identification record. To access their identification record, simply go to “Team” and select the employee for whom you want to retrieve the PIN code.

You will find their PIN code below their name.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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