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Daily Dimona Declarations

For CP302, daily Dimona declarations allow for reductions in employer charges ranging from €500 to €800 depending on the age of your workers.

For whom and what type of worker?

Only CP302 and for permanent workers (OTH).

How to activate it?

Contact us via chat or via and we will activate the option.

Please note, this option costs €99 per month and it allows you to reduce your charges by up to €4000 per quarter, do the math 🙂

When do we send data to the ONSS and under what conditions?

One of the key conditions is that your worker already has an active Dimona.

We send an initial set of information in the morning: the name of your employee, their Dimona number as well as the start and end times of their planned shift for the day.

Then, during the night, we update the hours (start and end) if they have been changed. If in the meantime a time punch occurred during the day, it is the punch data that will be used.

Please note, the daily Dimona must be activated in your ONSS account.

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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