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How to enable and use automatic Dimona?

1. Enable the automatic Dimona feature

To enable automatic Dimona, go to account settings ⚙️ → Dimona → Settings. Enable Dimona automation there.

2. Set up and enable automatic Dimona for each collaborator

The automation setup is done individually, in each user's profile.

Go to the team menu → Users → Select user → Profile → Settings. At the bottom of the page, select the type of Dimona (STU or FLX only) and the contract model for this user. Then check the "automatic" option.

During the next shift publication, Dimona will be automatically created for these shifts for the users for whom you have followed these steps.

Shyfter creates Dimona at the following hour.

Example: If you publish your shifts at 1:42 PM, Dimona for these shifts will be generated at 2 PM. Similarly, if you publish your shifts at 2:01 PM, Dimona will be generated at 3 PM.

⚠️ This automation is not retroactive: when you enable automatic Dimona, keep in mind that Shyfter will create Dimona for shifts published after this activation. For all future shifts that have already been published, Shyfter will not create Dimona.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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