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STAFF - How to perform a check-in or check-out?

How to Check-In ?

To check in, press Check-in under Next Shift or Current Shift (if you forgot to clock in earlier) to start your shift.

How to clock-in a Break ?

To start your break, click Break, then click End Break when you are ready to resume working.

How to perform tasks ?

Click Add to insert a task into your shift.
Select your task.
Complete your task by clicking Finish.

How to add a photo to your shift ?

To add a photo to your shift, click the camera icon. Select a photo or take one directly. Your photo will appear next to the button.

How to check-out ?

To end your shift, press Check-out. You can also add a comment if necessary, then press Confirm.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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