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STAFF - What can be found on the home screen?

How do I know my next shift?
What is an open check-in?
​Can I clock in with my smartphone?
Where to find open shifts?

The answers to these questions can be found at a glance on the Shyfter Staff homepage.

Every time I log in, I arrive on my homepage. I can also access my homepage by clicking on the three dots on the bottom right menu or the house on the left.

My next shift

It is located at the top of the homepage, showing the shift date, my employer, start and end times, as well as the planned break time.

Open check-in

If I have a scheduled shift, can I clock in directly with my smartphone? In that case, I will do a check-in. My shift is scheduled, I clock in for that shift.
If I do not have a scheduled shift, I can clock in via an open check-in. My employer will receive my work and break times live.
How to clock in with Shyfter App, click here

Clocking in with Shyfter Staff

I can clock in with Shyfter Staff with or without a connection. Shyfter records your clock-ins and transmits them as soon as a connection is restored.
I can clock in with Shyfter Staff if my employer allows clocking in with my smartphone. Otherwise, I must do it via the tablet at my workplace, or not clock in at all.

Open shifts

What is an open shift? It is a timeslot offered by your employer to its employees. Through Shyfter, your employer publishes the available shifts which you can choose to reserve if you wish.
By clicking on an open shift, you indicate to your employer that you are available to work during those hours.
If I want to reserve one of the open shifts, I simply click on reserve.
How to clock in with Shyfter App, click here

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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