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How to set up and use overtime counters?

You can automatically count the recovery hours of your workers.

It regularly happens that employees work overtime. Shyfter gives you the ability to automatically calculate how many recovery hours remain for each of your employees.

Several actions must be taken beforehand to use this feature.

A. Number of hours per week

First, you need to tell Shyfter the maximum number of hours your worker needs to work per week.

There are 2 ways to do this:

By activating employment contracts

By setting a maximum number of hours to work per week in the user's profile

1. Employment contracts

You can do this by using employment contracts (integrated with Shyfter with online signature, etc ...).

You can find them in the Documents menu → New contract. ​

2. In the user's profile

If you do not use contracts, you can specify the weekly hours for each of your employees.

You will find this field in the Counters tab → Extra Hours in the personnel profiles.

B. Define the type of absence for recovery

If overtime hours are to be recovered as recovery leave, the type of absence must first be established.

Go to account settings → HR → Absences. Add or edit an existing absence and set it as "recovery hours".

​C. Basis for calculating overtime hours

The calculation basis for these overtime hours must be defined.

There are 2 bases for calculations:

Scheduled hours
Clocked hours

You can find this option in Settings ⚙️ → HR → Settings.

You can also find this option in your personnel profile. You need to go to Profile → HR.

Overtime counters

You will find these counters in your personnel profile in the Counters section → O.T.

Overtime is calculated weekly. You will find the scheduled hours and the clocked hours of your employee.

You can also modify the total at any time by clicking on the "paper-pencil" logo. If you modify the total, you will need to record a comment in order to save it.

If you would like more information about the "Balance" submenu, here is an online article that will be able to help you:

Hour balances

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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