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How to use the hour balance?

What are hour balances?

In addition to the overtime counter, we have added a monthly hour balance.

The balance is a comparison between the clock-ins and, in case of absence of clock-in, the planning hours and the contractual norm over a period of one month. It is used to calculate flexibility.

You have the choice between two types of calculation (called "Norm") based on the contractual schedule.

Either the strict norm which corresponds to the number of hours per week divided by the number of days worked per week.

Or the smoothed norm which corresponds to the number of hours to be worked over the year, i.e., the following calculation:

30 hours 52 weeks / 12 months / 20 days * 4.33

→ Which corresponds to 6.5 for a 30 h/week schedule.

The choice is made individually in the balance tab.

The planned part is shown in gray, taking into account all the planned shifts, including absences. In the green part, clock-ins are recorded. This allows you to compare with the chosen norm.

The counter is the difference between the two. The balance is equal to the cumulative counters from month to month.

In some cases, the difference between the clocked norm and the clock-ins might not equal the counter, as in the example below:

117:22 - 104 >< of 12:22, 1:00 is missing. This difference is due to planned absences that do not match the norm. To check the detail of these 12:22, you can click on the eye icon at the end of the line.

You will get the details of the services for the selected month. In this case, two 6-hour absences (DAY OFF) were planned on the 1st and the 11th of the month. As we expect 6.5 h per day, we deduct twice 30 minutes, giving the difference between 13:22 (117:22 - 104:00) and 12:22 (117:22 - 104:00 - 1:00).

At the end of each month, you have the option to modify the counter and add a comment. The balance calculation will adapt.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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