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How to use absence counters?

Where are the absence counters located?

These leave counters are located in your users' files. That is, in the Team menu → Users.

Once in your user list, select a user to enter their file.

You will then land on the "Dashboard" where their leave counters are located.

Can't see the counters for this user? Check in your Account Settings → General → User Statuses that the option "Display leave day counter" is selected.

The leave counters include all absences since January 1st of the current year.

Now, there are two columns:

Leave counters (pay slip)

Overview by type of absence

Leave counters

This counter will allow you to see the balance of leave days for your employee. Here, Amélie has 6 days left. She has used 23 legal leave days. She has 1 legal leave day and 5 extra-legal leave days left.

3 types of leave are included in this counter:

Legal leave
Extra-legal leave
Compensation leave (RTT)

Overview by type of absence

This overview gives you the detail of planned absences for this employee.

When you click on the small eye next to the number of absence days, you will see when these absences are planned, with their date, duration, start and end times.

By clicking the green button "view the shift", you will be taken to the schedule page, to the correct week, allowing you to modify the shift if necessary.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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