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How to use the timesheet control?

The "Timesheet Control" tab allows you to view all your team's timestamps, planned shifts, and absences in a table format.

Where is the timesheet control?

Go to the Reports menu → Timesheets report.

How to use the timesheets report?

Black lines are published shifts.

Blue lines are timestamps.

Red lines are free timestamps (= not attached to a shift). These are timestamps made by people who were not scheduled at the time of clocking in.

You can use various filters such as date, users, sections, skills, etc. Don't forget to filter so that the information in the table is effectively sorted according to your criteria.

Download your file by clicking on the small icon at the top right.

You also have the option to save different views, so you don't have to manually filter the information every time.

1) Select your filters
2) Save the view
3) Name the view
4) Click Create

Then, to display the previously saved view, go to the list of views located here at the top right of the table.

How to edit a timestamp?

You can edit the timestamps in the timesheet control. Simply click on the blue or red line. A window will open on the right side of your screen where you can make the desired changes.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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