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How to use the timesheets?

What are the timesheets?

This key feature of Shyfter includes information from the schedule management and performance controls, which saves you hours of calculating your collaborators' performance. This data is presented in a table format and can be modified.

How to access it?

Go to the Reports menu → Timesheets.

Select the timesheet of one of your collaborators by clicking on 'details':

At the top left, you can choose to process the performance based on the planned or the actual. In the upper part of the timesheet, you will see the planned or actual performances of the collaborator. In the lower part in green, this is what will be exported, and you can adjust it by modifying the existing data and adding shifts under other codes.

Once everything necessary has been checked and adjusted, validate the timesheet using the green button at the top left of the grid.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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