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STAFF - How to enable notifications on the mobile app?

Importance of Notifications

Upon your first login to the Shyfter STAFF mobile app, you will be prompted to enable notifications. This is a crucial step to ensure you receive all important communications from your employer. Notifications alert you when a new schedule is available, when a leave request has been approved, or when a new contract needs to be signed.

Steps for Your First Launch of the Shyfter Staff Mobile App

Download and open the mobile app.
Log in with your credentials.
Upon first login, a pop-up window will appear asking you to enable notifications. Tap "Allow" or "Enable" to turn on notifications.

If you initially refused, you can still enable notifications via the app settings.
Go to Settings > Notifications and enable them manually.

Why Enable Notifications?

Receive New Schedules: Be immediately informed of updates to your schedule.
Leave Request Receipts: Receive confirmation as soon as your leave request is approved.
Contract Signatures: Never miss a contract that needs to be signed directly via the app.
And many more.

Risks of Not Enabling Notifications

Without notifications, you risk missing crucial information. For example, if a schedule change is made or if an urgent contract needs to be signed, you will not be immediately notified, which could cause complications in your schedule and contractual obligations.


Enabling notifications on the Shyfter STAFF mobile app is essential to stay informed and manage your schedule effectively. Take a few moments to ensure notifications are enabled and always stay up-to-date with your employer's communications.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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