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On Shyfter, there are 4 levels of access: user, HR manager, planning manager, and account administrator.

This access level allows the user to access the Shyfter Staff application. The user will be able to consult. The user does not have access to the Shyfter platform.

These access levels provide limited access to the Shyfter platform. As an account administrator, you can choose - within the user's profile - what this person can or cannot do. Planning or HR managers do not have access to account settings, but only to certain elements of the Toolbox.

In general, an account administrator has full access to the Shyfter platform. It is possible to grant this access to a colleague and limit the access within their profile.

You can change these accesses at any time by checking and unchecking options in the user profile settings. Team → User → Profile → Settings → Access level

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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